In previous articles, we have been talking about how work structures have changed. Likewise, work communication has been evolving and adapting to new tools that allow you to collaborate and explore solutions in real-time.

Online meetings, chat, or sharing digital documents are now a part of our work routine. The era of hybrid work is increasingly a reality to which companies must adapt. These new work structures demand more flexibility and unique tools that allow a unified and transparent result. Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses and individuals to fully adapt to this hybrid working world.

Tools such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams have been evolving and improving their services to offer small and medium businesses complete adaptability to the new world outlook. In this post, we are going to explore some of the significant improvements that Microsoft 365 delivers to its customers:

Microsoft LoopThink, plan, create.

This new app allows teams to think, plan and create together. The app possesses a powerful and flexible canvas with portable components that move freely, allowing you to keep your applications synchronised.

This new improvement from Microsoft will allow you to collaborate and get your work done in flow, whether in a chat, email, meetings, documents, or looping pages. These loop components can be as simple as notes, tasks, charts, or something more sophisticated like Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer leads.

What makes this tool special is that the components stay in sync. With Microsoft Loop, it doesn’t matter where you are, as all components will always work with the latest information!

Within the new collaboration components, a voting table makes it easy for teams to brainstorm, reach consensus, and finalise decisions together. This tool also incorporates a status tracker that will allow you to track the status of all the projects that you have underway in your company. At the same time, your entire team will also be kept informed of this progress.

Microsoft Loop pages are a perfect tool for adapting to hybrid work while helping you organise your work teams. This tool is designed to optimise your work, with pages that allow you to add content, ideas, and documents to support and improve your projects.

Microsoft Loop also allows you to react to each other’s ideas while keeping track of shared goals. In addition, Microsoft Teams can collaborate synchronously or asynchronously whenever inspiration strikes.

Clipchamp: The ideal tool for your digital content  

The demand for digital content is increasing. Video, especially, is the king of digital content. To help small businesses better spread their content, Microsoft has created Clipchamp, a tool that will allow you to tell your own stories in a fun and entertaining way.  

Clipchamp will allow you to create, edit and share videos professionally and quickly.  

Share your story with:Microsoft PowerPoint   

You no longer need to have a face-to-face meeting to convey an idea or tell a story. Thanks to Recording Studio in Microsoft PowerPoint, you will now be able to tell your own story, using your words and recording a presentation to present it to your team later. In addition, this tool will allow you to customise your background, annotate your slides, and even select different views to help you record and deliver your content with ease.