Effective communication lies at the core of any successful business, and in today’s world, a modern cloud phone system that is both flexible and cost-effective is essential. But what if your business receives a low number of calls compared to the number of users or devices you have? This is where the per-simultaneous call model becomes a game-changer. Let us introduce you to CVS Xpress, a cutting-edge cloud phone system designed for today’s hybrid working environments, offering significant savings on your business phone systems.

Rethinking Phone System Costs?

Rethinking Phone System Costs

Traditionally, paying per seat has been the norm to access managed telephony, but this pricing structure works best for businesses with high call volumes. If your business doesn’t receive many calls, you might end up paying for inactive telephone sets, significantly increasing your costs. CVS Xpress provides a cloud-hosted telephony solution that allows you to pay for calling capacity and phone calls, regardless of the number of users. This pricing structure helps you manage your budget effectively, avoiding any unexpected costs at the end of the month.

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The Power of Simultaneous Calling

A standout feature of CVS Xpress is its simultaneous calling capability. The system automatically limits the number of concurrent calls based on the licenses you’ve purchased. This means if your business needs to make more calls, you can easily increase the number of concurrent calls by purchasing more licenses. This is a much more affordable way to manage your business phone system, especially if you need a high number of handsets but only receive a handful of calls per day.
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Flexibility for Fluctuating Demands

CVS Xpress is particularly advantageous for businesses with varying calling demands throughout the day, such as nursing homes, restaurants, hotels, and schools. For instance, a cafe might need more phone lines during peak lunch and dinner hours but have lower demand during the rest of the day. With the per-simultaneous call model, businesses can adjust their calling capacity to meet demand and reduce costs during slower periods.

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Another compelling advantage of CVS Xpress is its user-friendly interface, designed to be scalable, allowing you to add or remove licenses based on your business needs.
CVS Xpress offers a modern cloud phone service that helps businesses save money while enjoying the benefits of a cutting-edge system. By adopting a per-simultaneous call model, businesses can effectively manage their costs and adapt to changes in demand. The system’s user-friendly interface, scalability, and easy management make it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. Say goodbye to overpriced business phone systems and say hello to a more affordable alternative with CVS Xpress.

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