Do you want to improve your Customer Service System? No matter the size of your business, incorporating your Phone System into your CRM will help you grow and, above all, optimize your time. CRM programs are designed for any size of business and will help you understand your customers and their needs. 

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know so that you understand why you need to integrate your phone into your CRM. But let’s go step by step… What is a CRM? 

Customer relationship management or CRM is the set of guidelines, principles and practices that are directly related to the interests of your business in regard to sales and customer service processes. The software you choose will be dependent on what you wish to do with the information that is collected. Some common uses are for sales, marketing, or customer support. 

A CRM integration will help your company efficiently and intelligently manage your most important operations in a single tool. 

What is CRM Integration? 

A CRM integration is the connection of your CRM with other systems such as your phone, email, and accounting, among others. CRM integrations offer a wide variety of benefits to businesses and significantly increase organisation, productivity, and efficiency by bringing together all data and processes into a single platform. 

Benefits of integrating your Phone System into your CRM 

CRM integrations are part of the success of many businesses today. Having your phone system integrated into your CRM will help you to always offer an efficient and personalized response to your customers. 

CRM integrations in E-commerce companies allow companies to always have an update on the opinion of their customers regarding their services or products. There are various articles about various CRM integrations that you can read, depending on what your business is dedicated to or for what purposes you require the System to have. In this article, we will focus on the benefits of integrating this System with your Call System. 

Easy access to customer data in real-time 

We all know that time is money, that’s why it’s super important to know how to optimize it. If your phone system doesn’t have a CRM integration, then your employees are probably wasting a lot of time searching for your customer information and probably looking for the same information repeatedly. 

With a competent system that integrates your CRM, your phone system can save a lot of energy from your employees and offer a better service to your customers. Integrations like those of GO integrator Cara will allow you to have an immediate history of your clients and their needs. This system will be updated after each call and your agents will have the information about your clients automatically. When your phone starts to ring, your employees will immediately have all your customer’s information at their fingertips such as notes, comments, and addresses. 

Anticipate the needs of your customers 

Good integration of your Phone System with your CRM will allow your agents to anticipate the needs of your customers. This not only saves time but the image of your company will be favoured by this efficiency. Not having to repeat information and knowing how to offer customers what they need will help you retain them.  

With this system, you can also set up queues that allow for better management of customer service. Queues help to ensure that each customer is given the attention they deserve and that no call is ever unanswered. 

Improve your productivity 

Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why you should connect your CRM to your Phone System. Your employees will not have to exchange more than one Platform or app to be able to serve your customers. 

Your call agents can faster reach your customers or prospects in minimum time and completely automatic. When you have CRM integration with your Phone System, the entire organisation will benefit immediately because of the features the systems offer. They allow for the automation of tasks such as dialling and call routing. This automation means that employees are free to do other tasks that require their attention. 

Improve delegation 

The exceptional part about having your client’s information in real-time is that allows you to quickly screen and assign a client’s call to the appropriate agent. 

Integrating a CRM system with a telephone system by Cloud Voice will also allow you to evaluate your metrics, so you can understand how each sale or support representative handles their tasks – including parameters such as the number of calls taken per day, the number of caller hang- ups, the average call time, and the average wait time. Having these metrics at your disposal will allow you to evaluate your Customer Service System and be able to anticipate future problems, develop plans to become more efficient or know how to take advantage of opportunities. 

VoIP CRM integrations are also a perfect tool for your employees to know about their performance and how to improve. 

Take advantage of sales opportunities 

Your sales department is the heart of your company, and you need to pump it with productive information. If your sales team has access to the information collected by your CRM, they will be able to make more accurate decisions and, above all, be more focused on the needs of your customers. 

A CRM integration will help you improve the effectiveness of your sales department. For example, a customer has seen a product/service on your website that they are interested in. Automatically, this opportunity can be relaunched with a special discount for the purchase of that product. 

Analyse your customer calls 

Data is vital for any business, but especially for the marketing department. With its help, you can analyse your clients’ behaviour, create buyer personas and build marketing strategies. The insights that you gain from CRM reports allow your marketing team to help your sales reps in converting prospects into customers. 

Go Integrator Cara will give you real-time call data like duration, call time, agent productivity and much more. This information will also help you improve your call centre.