Get ready for IVR Text to Speech and CRM Integration for SASBOSS platform users!

What’s New in SASBOSS?

SASBOSS remains at the forefront of innovation, consistently providing state-of-the-art collaboration tools and cloud technology to enhance user experience. Get ready for two exciting update! On 27th March 2024, SASBOSS is set to release two incredible new features designed to streamline and improve communication and collaboration significantly. Let’s explore these upcoming additions and discover how they stand to benefit you.

IVR Text to Speech

Do you spend a lot of time and money creating IVR announcements manually? Do you wish you could just type in the text and let the system do the rest? Well, now you can with the new IVR Text to Speech feature in the SASBOSS platform. This feature allows you to create greetings and announcements from text, and choose from a variety of male and female voices. You can also auto-generate IVR announcements and store them in a library for future use. This will save you precious time and resources and improve your customer experience.

CRM Integration for UC Xpress

Do you use multiple CRMs to manage your contacts and activities? Do you find it hard to switch between screens and keep track of your call history? If so, you will love the new CRM Integration for UC Xpress. This feature enables you to integrate with over 300 CRMs using Mondago Nava, a powerful add-on that enhances your UC Xpress client. With this feature, you can get pop-ups for contact popping, log activities, add contacts, and search address books across multiple CRMs. Plus, you can sync and view your call history right within the CRM. This will make your CRM integration seamless and effortless.

How to Get These Features?

These features will be available to all SASBOSS users on 27th March 2024. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact our support team at We hope you enjoy these features and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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