Business SIP Trunks

The best of both worlds

Extend your on-premesis PBX with VoIP, for ultimate reliability with all the advantages of a cloud-hosted phone system. Connect your PBX to the NBN.



Digitise your existing BPX to reduce costs and restrictions.



Redundant servers guarantee uptime. Use mobiles in power outages.


Your on-site PBX works seamlessly with other devices and locations.

Less Investment

Keep your existing PBX exchange.

M365 Integration

Fully provisioned within minutes.


What is SIP Trunking?

SIP is a technology that allows a physical PBX exchange to make VoIP calls, and work through a cloud-hosted solution that might also include mobile devices.

SIP Trunks VS Hosted

SIP Trunks offer a couple of advantages over a purely hosted solution. Your internal phones won’t rely on the internet. It’s an easy upgrade for existing PBX systems.

When Would you Need SIP?

Australia’s old copper network is being gradually decommissioned. Hosted solutions are the future. SIP is a middle ground that can prepare your business for the future, without operations interruptions.

Access4 Map: Communication Solutions Brisbane

CloudVoice Trunks using national MPLS Network powered by Access4