Brisbane Communication Solutions soon to be Protected by Machine Learning

Modern businesses thrive on connectivity! Not only are servers connected to the internet, but cameras, air-conditioners, phones and just about every other device you could think of. With all of this connectivity comes added convenience, but also added risk. It is not just traditional computer systems that get hacked today, but everything from HVAC systems, to fish tanks… and yes, also Unified Communications Systems!

These attacks are not inconsequential by the way. That fish tank hack we mentioned led to a breach culminating in the theft of a database which held sensitive information on the company’s most valuable clients. The same risks, if not more, are very real threats to businesses of all sizes and are getting more common.

Unified Communications Brisbane - Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Communications Device Management

With cross device compatibility available for modern communication solutions (including our unified communications platform), mobile and desktop management are becoming core security concerns for small to medium enterprise. Modern businesses more recently have migrated to using unified endpoint protection (UEM). According to tech news outlet ComputerWorld, UEM is “a strategic approach that unifies and centralizes the way enterprises manage their deployed devices”; and it is finally becoming a reality.

“UEM, a strategic approach that unifies and centralizes the way enterprises manage their deployed devices, is finally becoming a reality!”


Machine Learning and Communication Solutions

The role of machine learning in unified communications security is expanding rapidly due to its utility in performing security processes which would previously have required human intervention. The tasks performed are expanding from simply managing who can log in via UEM platforms to continual monitoring of devices and flagging suspicious behaviour for review. In the words of Rob Smith research director at the world’s leading research and advisory company (Gartner Inc.):

“We absolutely believe the way the industry is moving forward is it shouldn’t matter what kind of device you have, you should get an appropriate security policy based on the device and other contextual variables, such as who owns the device, where in the world you’re located, what time of day you’re accessing something, or if you’re on a public W-Fi”
Rob Smith

Research Director, Gartner

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