Having access to consumer credit is an important measure of financial fairness in Australia. In a 2012 social impact report, access to consumer credit was seen as one of three core measures of financial inclusion.

Jacaranda finance is an Australian fintech firm dedicated to making personal loans accessible to all Australians. Over the last 7 years, since its founding in 2013, Jacaranda Finance has shown considerable growth. It’s managed to demonstrate a fresh approach to lending in an already established and somewhat saturated market.

Unlike what you’d expect from a typical payday lender, Jacaranda works a little differently. Guided by responsible lending practices and a strong focus on transparency and honesty, it’s not uncommon for their customers to consistently return to use their services. A quick look at their awards which features the Champion of the Financial Services Industry Award, indicates that waves being made by the Brisbane-based fintech.

Jacaranda has recently introduced an instant transfer service, which means customers can have their cash in just 60 seconds after being approved. This service has set a new rapid pace for the financial services industry. One that has competitors scurrying to catch up.

Currently, Jacaranda Finance offers small loans as little as $300 up to larger loans of $10,000. Additionally, Jacaranda has recently introduced bad credit car loans to their list of product offerings.