What can a cloud-based phone system offer a small business?

Voice communication is a critical element for the success of any small business. To convey professionalism while conducting business and communicating with existing and prospective customers, you will want a secure, reliable, and cost-effective system. A phone system, using cloud technology can simplify your communications by consolidating many features into one place while providing numerous competitive advantages at a low cost.

Cloud-based phone systems offer many features that consumer phone lines can’t match. You can set up advanced call notifications, rule-based call screening, and smart-call routing. It’s also easy to integrate your phone system with various online tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, helpdesk software, or a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Fast & easy to setup

Cloud-based phone systems use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to connect phone calls. It doesn’t use legacy technology like analogue telephone lines or any on-premises hardware. All you need is a high-speed internet connection to work proficiently.

Lower costs

A cloud-based phone system can be used from any device, including your smartphone, using your internet connection. Save on handset costs and have the flexibility of taking business calls on your phone anywhere you can access a stable internet connection.

Cloud-based phone systems allow you to text, conference, or video chat from anywhere with reliable internet. You will save money not having to outlay line rental costs and call charges. Your provider will have different plans, priced according to your business size and needs.

Increase efficiency

Cloud-based phone systems allow you to manage your entire system from an easy-to-use cloud interface. You can effortlessly transfer calls, creating a smooth and organised customer experience. Other essential features a cloud-based phone system will offer are voicemail, caller ID, auto call forwarding, on-hold messages, and forward call to mobile phones.


Cloud-based phone systems make it easy to adjust to a growing business. Systems can start as small as one phone number and grow into a system that has limitless possibilities for communication and collaboration between your employees, contractors, and customers.


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