In the spirit of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, where the 2023 theme is “Be cyber wise – don’t compromise,” it’s vital to reflect on the significance of safeguarding your business communications. Webex, a trailblazing communication platform, not only reimagines the way you collaborate but also exemplifies unwavering commitment to cybersecurity. In this article, we explore the array of security benefits that make Webex the ultimate choice for keeping your business communications cyber-wise and uncompromised.

Built-in Security and Compliance

Webex is not just another communication platform; it’s a fortress of security. With a foundation built on security and compliance, you can trust that your sensitive data is in good hands. Whether you’re an information security professional, a compliance officer, or an end user, Webex provides a 360-degree approach to security and compliance.

True End-to-End Encryption

When it comes to securing your data, Webex doesn’t compromise. True end-to-end encryption ensures that your messages, files, and whiteboards are shielded from prying eyes. This means that only the intended recipients can access the content, making it a reliable solution for protecting your confidential information.

User Identity and Access Control

Webex ensures that only authenticated users can view messages and files in Webex spaces, giving you complete control over who has access to your data. This level of access control is vital for maintaining data privacy and confidentiality.

Device and Browser Protection

Customisable security controls provide you with the tools to enhance your security posture. You can enforce measures such as idle timeout, device PIN requirements, and remote wipe of Webex content. These features offer robust protection for your devices and browsers.

Flexible Retention and Archiving

Webex allows you to store content according to your specific policies, whether it’s indefinitely or until a user decides to delete it. With API support for archiving application content, you have the flexibility to manage your data as needed.

eDiscovery Capabilities

Administrators can easily search and extract content, including crucial data points like time stamps, space IDs, and participant IDs. This eDiscovery functionality is indispensable for compliance and legal requirements.

New Modern E2E Encryption for Meetings

Webex takes confidentiality to the next level with its modern, standards-based Zero-Trust secure end-to-end (E2E) encryption for meetings. This means that your confidential meetings remain private, even in the digital realm.

Trusted Certifications

Webex proudly holds security & privacy certifications such as:

  • SOC2 Type II and SOC 3
  • ISO 27001 / 27017 / 27018
  • ISO 9001 certificate
  • Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog (C5)
  • HITRUST (Webex Teams)
  • FedRAMP (Webex Teams, UCM Cloud for Government)

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Control and Visibility

With Webex, you have the control and visibility you need to secure your devices, users, and applications. Features like PIN Lock, Remote Wipe, Block External Comms, and Block File Share give you the power to safeguard your data and maintain a superior user experience.

In an era where data security is paramount, Webex stands out as the industry’s most secure collaboration platform. From end-to-end encryption to a wide range of security controls, it provides the peace of mind your business needs to thrive in a digital world. When sensitive data is on the line, companies trust Webex, and with good reason.

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