Are Unified Communications important for Brisbane businesses?

The tech industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Likewise, the amount of businesses with very similar product offerings is growing. This means that for a lot of businesses, competitive advantage comes from effective customer service. How do you improve on those things? Well, you have to improve the efficiency and availability of your customer services, whilst cutting costs associated with business activities.

However, there is a problem. Doing one of these things generally precludes the possibility of doing the other. This is where Brisbane’s Unified Communications come in handy. What if I told you, you could have a better phone system, at a lower price, and that doesn’t require lugging around a heavy PBX.

Couple Questions…

Are You Busy or Productive?

One does not always equal the other. Productivity means being efficient, and getting useful things done. Busyness equates more to having more to do than you can handle. A busy employee will likely make more mistakes than a productive one, and is likely to work slower (doubly so if that busyness leads to stress)! It is no surprise then that productivity is considered to be the key to a successful business.

See how Unified Comms can help productivity below.

Could You Reach More Customers?

If you’re using a traditional phone system, the answer is yes. We’ll show you how below.

It’s probably going to come as no surprise that Unified Communications is how to increase broadly, but we’ll show you some specifics that could permanently change the way you interact with customers.

Unified Communications + Brisbane Business = Competitive Advantage

Think Back to Those Questions


Productivity can be improved by improving the clarity and speed of communication between departments and with customers. Take your phone system with you when you go out to work off-site. Make use of automated voice menus to send customers to the right person or department the first time! Add custom day and night voicemail greetings to let customers know what times or alternate numbers they can reach you on. Not only that, if your staff are spread across multiple locations, you can still use internal extensions to route internal calls easily. Moreover, your phone system will be infinitely scalable, and could easily grow with your business. Unified communications are the answer to your productivity problem.


Your communications framework can be improved, not just internally, but the way you connect with customers as well. Our communications framework is seamless, allowing you to combine different communications channels into one and add value to your customers far more effectively. This can include regular calls, video conferencing, email and more!

Removing Barriers to Business Growth

With Unified Communications Brisbane

Communications infrastructure often causes roadblocks for business growth. For one, you have the time, expense and effort of moving and reinstalling a PBX every time you move to a larger building. Not to mention the sheer pain involved in splitting into two locations. Beyond this, connecting new handsets can often make life difficult if you don’t have any more on your plan.

Say goodbye to all of that with our interactive dashboard where you can add new SIP handsets, connecting straight to ethernet rather than requiring large PBXs and configurations that will drive you to tears. If that doesn’t take your interest, consider that you can split into multiple locations or even have a business number to use whilst working at home!

What are you waiting for?

Unified Communications Brisbane: Unlock your business potential
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