The success of your business depends on effective collaboration and communication between teams, departments, or even external users.

Finding the right platform that meets all these needs can be a challenge.

Microsoft Teams is one such solution; offering both free and premium versions with features tailored to enable secure real time coordination across dispersed groups. We have evaluated the differences between the free and premium versions so you can be informed and consider what would best fit your specific requirements.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that allows teams to communicate, collaborate, and share files in real time. Teams Premium is a paid subscription plan that includes additional features and capabilities not available in the free version of Teams.

Some features that stand out between the two versions are:

  • Larger meeting and webinar capacities in Teams Premium- up to 20,000 participants compared to 300 participants in the free version.
  • Teams Premium allows for custom branding of your team site, including adding your logo and customising the colours.
  • Teams Premium includes a phone system with features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and auto-attendant.
  • Teams Premium includes advanced security and compliance features such as data loss prevention, eDiscovery, and retention policies.
  • Teams Premium includes access to additional apps and integrations, such as Salesforce, Adobe Sign, and Trello.

Compare the key features between Teams Free and Teams Premium below:

FeatureTeamsTeams Premium
Host and attend Teams Meetingsxx
Experience Teams’ standard look and feelxx
Use standard and custom meeting backgrounds at the user levelxx
Read live captions during meetings and live eventsxx
Customise meeting templates for your organisationx
Add organisation branding to meeting lobbiesx
Customise meeting backgrounds for your organisationx
Customise Together mode scenes for your organisationx
Read live translated captions during meetingsx
Translate post-meeting transcriptions (coming soon)x
Turn on eCDN for Live Events*x

eCDN can be acquired as a standalone license, and more licenses can be purchased outside of Teams Premium if needed. To learn about eCDN standalone licensing, see Microsoft eCDN.

FeatureTeamsTeams Premium
Require attendees to registerxx
Assign a co-organiserxx
Limit the number of people who can registerxx
Turn on Q&A for webinars with up to 1000 attendeesxx
View attendance reportsxx
Integrate with Dynamics 365xx
Set up a green room for webinar presentersx
Manage attendees’ viewx
Send reminder emails to registrantsx
Create a webinar waitlistx
Manually approve registrantsx
Limit the day and time when people can registerx
Allow registered users to bypass the lobbyx
Use RTMP-In for Webinars (coming soon)x
Meetings Protection
FeatureTeamsTeams Premium
Manage meeting lobbiesxx
End-to-end encryption for one-to-one callsxx
Moderate meeting chatsxx
Control who can presentxx
Add watermarks to meetingsx
End-to-end encryption for meetings with up to 50 attendeesx
Control who can recordx
Prevent copy/paste in meeting chatsx
Assign Microsoft Purview Information Protection sensitivity labels for meetings*x
Custom user policy packagesx
Turn on advanced meeting monitoring and alertingx

This feature is only available to Teams Premium users with a Microsoft 365 E5 subscription or Microsoft E3 subscription plus the Advanced Compliance license. For more information on licensing requirements, see What are the requirements to purchase Teams Premium?

Meetings Reporting
FeatureTeamsTeams Premium
View recordings of meetingsxx
View meeting transcriptsxx
View and use files added to meetingsxx
View and use apps added to meetingsxx
Navigate meeting recordings with autogenerated chapters (coming soon)x
Navigate meeting recordings with PPT live chaptersx
View time markers in meeting recordings when you joined or left a meetingx
Search meeting transcripts with speaker suggestions (coming soon)x
View and act on autogenerated tasks from meetings (coming soon)x
View when you were @mentioned (coming soon)x
Virtual Appointments
FeatureTeamsTeams Premium
Access Virtual Appointments with the Bookings app for scheduling, appointment management, and email notificationsxx
Integrate Virtual Appointments using APIsxx
Join appointments from a browserxx
Join appointments in Teamsxx
Allow users to join a virtual lobby waiting roomxx
Integrate with Microsoft Formsxx
Customise the lobby waiting room with themes and logosx
Send SMS notificationsx
Chat back and forth with attendees in the lobby waiting room (coming soon)x
Organisational and departmental analyticsx
View and manage scheduled appointments in the queuex
View and manage on-demand appointments in the queuex
Send post-appointment follow-ups (coming soon)x
Overall, Microsoft Teams Premium offers more advanced features and capabilities than the free version of Teams. However, whether or not it’s worth the cost depends on the needs of your organisation and the specific features that are important to you.