So you’re relocating the office.

Why not use this opportunity to update your phone system to a cloud based Unified Communications network? The benefits of this are numerous and will be explored in-depth later on in this article; but firstly it can help you be ready for the arrival for the nbn if you’re an Australian business. If you’re moving to an area where nbn is already active, this goes double, as ISDN cables will soon be removed in such areas.

Ditch the hardware!

Move to a CloudVoice solution

Sick of lugging around an on-premise analogue PBX? Switch to a hosted VoIP solution. This not only relieves some of the not insignificant stress of relocating your headquarters, but also relieves future headaches by providing you with a more up-to-date and manageable phone network that can be relocated or expanded in the future with ease. As if that weren't enough, it will reduce costs, require less cumbersome hardware, minimise the service issue headaches you'll face, and even saves installation and maintenance time.

Dispose of it with CloudVoice

CloudVoice Solutions can help with taking the old hardware off your hands rather than having to navigate the arduous and often complicated process of properly disposing of the old system.

Enjoy the benefits of a modern communications network

The benefits of Unified Communications can be truly staggering

Ever wanted statistical feedback to tell you what type of calls made the most money for you in a given time period? You can access that in a click. Ever wanted to track how often your employees were on the phone and the nature of those calls? It’s Accessible with a click. Ever wanted to add phone numbers to your network on the fly? It’s accessible in a click. You see where this is going…

With all the benefits brought to you by switching to Unified Communications, why wait?


Relocating Office

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