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If you run a small business, you’ll know that it demands constant efficiency, especially in your communications! Optimizing your communications as a small business involves enhancing your potential for customer service, worker productivity, as well as your potential for collaborating with customers, partners and suppliers. To add to this you need to think about your phone bill. Such a balancing act can be tricky, and every organisation will have slightly different needs. With that being said, we’re going to give you some reasons why your business ought to migrate to Unified Communications!

So let’s go over the main points of what makes a UC system great for small business. But first, note, the benefits go way beyond this, to learn about more you can click here and here.

Unified Communications Win #1:

Customize your System

When you choose Unified Communications with Brisbane’s favourite UC platform we deliver IP (internet) networking that is scaled to fit your business. It should be noted too that you can dynamically add to your network as your business grows. Our hosted system even allows you to do this without having to lug around the heavy hardware you once needed such as PBXs.

Collaborate easily with unified communications brisbane

Unified Communications Win #2:

Greater Productivity

Increase productivity with unified communications brisbane

Effective Unified Communications systems ensure that your business can be more responsive, flexible and efficient than ever before. Discuss with us and get the features you need, including easy and quick call transferring, full auto attendant, hold music, call waiting, voicemail to email, extensions, day and night greetings and so much more!

Unified Communications Win #3:

It’s Cheaper!

Migrating to a Unified Communications Platforms means you need only worry about having a stable internet rather than buying cumbersome hardware. You can also run a SIP phone through your computer with a simple headset eliminating the need for a handset if you want. Or even more simply, take calls on your business number on your mobile, with different extensions routing to different employee devices!
Unified Communications Brisbane

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