Communication Solutions Brisbane

Benefits of Unified Communication Solutions

For those who don’t know, Unified Communication Solutions are to regular small business phone systems what smartphones are to this Motorolla bag phone. It’s actually hard to even compare the two, and Unified Communication Solutions, much like smartphones, offer superior mobility, are more feature-rich, and better fit the flexibility requirements of modern life and business. If you’re looking for a new small business phone system, unified communication solutions offer a lot of benefits.

Unified Communication Solutions Brisbane vs normal phone systems is like a smartphone is to this 'bag phone'.

Unified Communication Solutions help Brisbane Businesses

CloudVoice UC provides Australian businesses with unified communication solutions. We are partnered with Access4 to provide Hosted PBX, Business Phone Systems and VOIP through the technologies developed by BroadSoft.

Additional Value in Unified Communications Solutions

CompTIA UC Trends Study

CompTIA’s Annual Unified Communications Market Trends Study found, “four out of five businesses perceive additional value in the proposition of Unified Communications. Large and medium-sized companies and those with a higher proportion of telecommuting workers are most bullish.” Additionally, 85% of survey respondents indicated that UC, or collaboration and communication solutions, are getting equal, if not more, dollars from annual IT budgets compared to other technology priorities.

Why are Unified Communications Solutions becoming Brisbane’s favourite Business Communication

The popularity of Unified Communications amongst Brisbane Businesses is attributable to myriad factors. Chief among them, however, is the way it can level the playing field for small and medium businesses (SMBs). When SMBs face-off against larger organisations, it can feel a bit like David and Goliath, so it’s good to have a Unified Communications slingshot. With Unified Communication Solutions, Brisbane SMBs can create a customer experience and intelligent communications system which was once only possible for larger companies.

Most notably, here are two major leaps made by Unified Communications systems from regular phone systems for small business:

  • Versatility: The ability to seamlessly integrate your office phone system with mobile devices for remote working.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Organizations often need to be able to work with the personal lives of their employees. Therefore, their communications should be able to work on those employees’ devices. No more time spent ducking into the office, just to make or receive a call.

Long gone are the days when a simple phone system was all your business needed. Modern businesses manage customer interactions and operations with a range of solutions (e.g. CRMs, email, website forms etc.), so you needn’t be tied to the desk. If your phone system can’t keep up, however, the other technologies can only increase efficiency so much. At a certain point, you have to get unified!

If correctly implemented, these are the benefits that our Brisbane based Unified Communication Solutions can provided:

Increased Revenue

Unified Communications can allow your business to fine-tune its sales process, improve service, and offer superior communication for customers. As a consequence, your business can increase revenue significantly.

Reduced Cost

Perhaps you’re experiencing trepidation about forking out for a small business phone system with all these bells and whistles. It’s a good question: “why spend more money”? Well, possibly the most astounding benefit our communication solutions offer is that all these bells and whistles are cheaper than a traditional phone system. Get the best for less!

Superior customer service

In almost any industry, the exponential advances in communication technology in recent years has left customers expecting a high degree of customer service from businesses. With Unified Communication Solutions, your business can live up to this expectation, setting it apart from from your competition.

Better efficiency

As your company reduces the number of individual systems used in your communication, less time is wasted switching between them! As a result, your (cheaper) business communication solution can help you improve efficiency.