In today’s fast-paced connected business world, good telco services are necessary for small businesses. This guide is here to help small businesses like yours make the most of telco services, solve problems, and make sure money is not lost when things go wrong.

1. Easy Ways to Know What’s Available:

Find out what telco services you can get at your place. Tools like NBN Co’s ‘Check your address’ and mobile coverage maps from providers like Telstra can help. If you are in a remote area, explore products like external antennas or in-car kits to boost mobile reception. Not to worry; you can contact us for advice, your local telco, or the Regional Tech Hub for personalised assistance.

2. Choosing the Right Plan Made Simple:

We encourage you to compare plans from different providers to explore your options, considering not only our offerings but also those of other providers. By comparing plans, pricing structures, and features, you empower yourself to make a choice that aligns perfectly with your business needs. Our goal is to ensure you have the information you need to make the best decision for your business, even if that means exploring the offerings of other providers.

3. Financial Safety Without the Worry:

In the event of telco service failures, implementing a straightforward and effective back-up plan can significantly reduce the impact on your business. Consider the following steps:

– Divert Calls to Mobile Phones:

Ensure that in the case of landline disruptions, you have a system in place to divert incoming calls to mobile phones. This helps maintain communication with customers and minimises the risk of missed opportunities.

– Utilise Mobile Internet Devices and Temporary Services:

Acquire mobile internet devices that can serve as a temporary solution during service outages. These devices leverage mobile networks, providing you with an alternative means of internet connectivity when your primary services are compromised. Additionally, reach out to your telco provider and inquire about temporary service options available during disruptions.

– Communicate Proactively with Customers and Diversify Communication Technologies:

Keep your customers informed about potential disruptions and the steps you are taking to minimise any inconvenience. Proactive communication builds trust and understanding, mitigating the impact of service interruptions on your customer relationships. Plan for emergencies by diversifying your communication technologies, including multiple means such as landline, mobile, and internet-based services, to increase resilience in the face of unexpected challenges.

– Regularly Review and Update Your Back-Up Plan:

The telco landscape evolves, and your business needs may change. Regularly review and update your back-up plan to ensure its effectiveness in addressing potential issues. This proactive approach ensures that you are always prepared for any disruptions.

4. Consider Mobile Device Management (MDM):

If your business utilises mobile devices, consider implementing Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. MDM helps you manage and secure mobile devices, ensuring data protection and enabling remote management in case of device loss or theft. This is particularly important for businesses with a mobile workforce.

5. Establish a Clear Acceptable Use Policy (AUP):

Develop and communicate an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to guide your employees in the responsible and secure use of company resources. This policy sets expectations for the use of devices, networks, and data, helping prevent misuse and enhancing overall cybersecurity within your business.

6. Know Your Rights and Get Help Easily:

Understand what you deserve from your telco services. If you encounter issues, talk to your provider early. Remember your rights and how the law protects you. If issues persist, reach out to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman for assistance. By using these simple steps, your small business can make the most of telco services and stay strong during any issues. Stay connected, learn what you need, and keep your business safe in the telco world.

Telco Health Check

Cloud Voice Solutions can help you perform a "health check" on the communications used in your business. The health check will help you understand if your methods are helping or hindering your work efficiency and communications with internal and external contacts.