Businesses, by and large, rely heavily on their small business phone system quite heavily. The chances of this for you are even higher since you’re reading this article! A good phone system can help you to both manage and grow your business. A bad phone system on the other hand… This could make it harder to do both! If you don’t know whether your employees are on the phone, for instance, call statistics can help you manage employees. But a traditional phone system can present barriers to expansion by limiting your extensions.
Small Business Phone Systems with VoIP

In our experience, customers who opt for a VoIP phone system generally end up more satisfied. Reasons that we often hear are that the system causes far fewer headaches for employers when hiring new staff. Others include the reduced costs compared to a regular phone system and the simplicity.

Benefits of a VoIP Small Business Phone System

Lower costs

Finding the best phone system for your business is not a decision you should make just based on cost. On the other hand, it is always nice when a good phone system happens to be cheap! This is exactly what VoIP offers. Not only are they brilliant systems, they’re cheap!

Flexibility for growth

Since VoIP systems don’t need the kind of bulky equipment you’ve likely had to contend with if you’ve had a small business phone system before. What this means is that you can connect new lines and expand using the internet (rather than buying a bigger PABX machine and trying to sell the old one). Not only this, if you want to expand across multiple locations, you can still use a single phone system and set of extensions to manage the lot, not to mention the hassle you save if you must move office! So, if you want to grow, VoIP’s the go.

Simplify your small business phone system with VoIP

Something else we hear from a lot of customers is how simple the VoIP is to set up. Not only this but here at CloudVoice we recently migrated to a VoIP system. Setting up the entire system for the building took less than a day! Such simple setups are often referred to as “plug and play”, because you merely plug it in and play. Not only this but administrating and using it is far simpler than a regular phone system, even with the extra features! Oh yes, the features, imagine if you could forward calls, transfer them or even use three-way calling at the click of a button. Now that’s smart business!

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